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Friday, October 27, 2006

One Ring- No Postman

So if the doorbell rings while you are deep in sleep you know it is Trouble with that capital T. This morning was no exception. At 5 am I was jarred from a deep wondrous sorta sleep to the reality that my doorbell had just run. Oh yeah, Jenn and I arrived home from Idaho yesterday evening. We had sent the hubby home a different route with his baby bro. We took the long scenic route home from Northern Idaho by way of Washington state and 3 different universities. Roxy took good care of us and drove great. We had to stop by the Akron airport and pick up Jenn's beloved car Catsby on the way home. We drove to the office and met the hubby and we all three drove to the local Chinese resturant because there was no food and no cook at home.All in all, Idaho was a great trip for everyone- even the elk as they continue to live. A couple beavers and a blue grouse didn't fair so well.

When the hubby arrived home early Weds. morning he only had my car Bella to drive to work. Bella had a dead battery so he brought the tractor over from the barn to jump start her- she also had a flat tire. Bad start to his Weds. He got Bella running and went off to work leaving the tractor taking up most of the driveway in the front yard. He never bothered to move the tractor. We all drove up from having Chinese and there is this tractor taking up too much space in the driveway. I pulled Roxy into the grass where she was out of the way and easy to unload. Vern pulled Bella onto the side of the road in front of our house and Jenn pulled Catsby up right behind Bella.

Oh yeah, Back to the doorbell. This is Friday morning. Fridays are always garbage pick up days here. Our garbage man drives a huge truck that he backs up our long private road. He would not expect two cars to be parked on the side of the road. He hit Catsby driving her right under Bella. It is gonna be a very long day here- and Jenn is gonna be heartbroken to say the least.

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