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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bella Down

My morning started at 2:00 am. Hubby and I had to travel to Charleston W. V . to pick up parts for our wash plant. We got as far as 24 miles to the PA/ WV border. I was sound asleep and suddenly at about 3:50 am I was suddenly awake with thoughts of death rushing through my brain. I thought Vern had run off the road and I was straining to see what we were gonna crash into. My brain did not realize what had just happened but I knew it was terrible dark out.

We had been cruising down the road at 70 mph when these two deer decided it was important to cross the interstate at just the same time as my beloved Bella. Bella hit the deer and laid some serious smack on them because they crumpled her beautiful nose and took out both her lights- hence the darkness I could not make sense of. Hubby managed to get us pulled over and we went to sleep till the sun rose.

Vern's Bro came to rescue us in Vern's Expedition and we are now headed to Charleston. I guess the parts are gonna be late for the plant because I am looking for a Cracker Barrel even as I type this. Pecan pancakes here I come.

I will be writing a letter to the PA Game Commission today requesting compensation because their precious deer were trespassing on the Interstate and managed to bang up my car. I think it is worth a shot since Bella is down and now I have to go car shopping.

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