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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

13 Blessings

Thirteen Ways That The Red Queen Has Been Blessed This Week
1. The Lilacs are in full bloom!
2. I shot a turkey (my first) on opening day.
3. We loaded a 105 car train Tuesday in record time.
4. My daughter turned 22 which means I didn't find reason to kill her before adulthood.
5. My pregnant teen-aged cat (she snuck out- less morals then my daughter)had five kittens on my daughters bday.
6. My new laptop arrived one week early!!! And I am one happy lappy owner.
7. I finally figured out how to get the wireless to work so now my lappy is happy also.
8. I found the most wonderful rocking chair today and I musta looked so right in it that the lady took another $10. off an already great deal.
9. Ripe Strawberries- they are so big and yet so sweet right now. Yummy!
10. Dove Intensely Raspberry- I think that is what it is called. I found a pint on clearance and oh my gosh- talk about heaven on earth.
11. I found not one but two of the quilting book I have been wanting on ebay and I am hoping to win that bid, then I can sell one of the books.
12. I went in to order pizza to feed my guys at work who stayed late to load this train that came 5 days late. The guy at the checkout had such stunning blue eyes that I just had to tell him. He gave me a good deal on my pizzas but only when his boss showed up and I had to comment that his eyes were worth getting lost in also- then the deliver guy came in. At that point I just stated that at some places it is easy to see why the women get hired but who picked men with such gorgeous eyes??? It was well worth the trip for those pizzas. And to top it off, the bacon, onion mushroom pizza was amazing.
13. I am reminded often that there are people out there in this big bad world who love me just because I am me- that is the best blessing possible.

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