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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Wham Bam, Thank you Ma'am

Today is my daughters 22 birthday. She was born in the evening. She was not wanting to leave the comforts that I afforded her- I am thinking now that perhaps she had a hammock tied to the sides of my womb and instead of hiccups it was just her swinging back and forth. Anyway, I went into the Doctors office early in the day and he made me go to the mall and walk and walk and then if something started happening to go back in to see him. As I said before daughter number one enjoyed the comfort and she didn't want to come face the world. Now 22 years later she is graduating and the world had better watch out cause she is ready to wipe that smear off of America's consumer crazed, "I gotta own the best" and "I will throw out the unimportant" face.

But in a way I digress, this is really not a story about Jn except to say that I have found a new way to celebrate the day. And all I have to say is Happy Birthday Jenn!!!!! You want this wrapped up for later or should we eat it now and describe it to you???

My hubby loves to hunt. I really do not like to hunt at all. Today was the start of turkey season in W. PA. We had lots of turkeys in our yard this year. He thought I should go hunting with him. He just let me order the most awesome laptop and so I figured I owed it to him to at least smile my way through one morning of standing in our tree stand and secretly praying that nothing would wander by. Ha, God is always one up on me.

I took this Tom at 6:40 this morning. One shot. Bam. 23 ½ pounds 8 ¼ inch beard And with that my hubby is totally excited and calling everyone and bragging me up and me I am thinking "thank you Jesus" I now have a great meal ahead and hunting is over for a good long while again.

At 8 am the bird is already skinned and waiting for me to wrap it and freeze it. Maybe I should take it up to celebrate my daughters second coming into the world. That one where she is now on her own to tie her hammock up to any tree she desires. I can't wait to see how she swings into real life. There might be a few hiccups along the way but I am praying that there are no turkeys in her future- well at least no metaphorical ones.

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