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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Libraries Rock!

My phone service will not be reconnected until after I have left the state so if you want to call me I suggest you wait till my return-geesh. This means driving the 30 minutes into town to find wifi.

While in town I was prompted to seek out my local library and therefore these photos are proof that I have carried out my task.

Imagine my surprise when I saw in one of the display cases a whole lay out of mining equiptment. Not all of it is for coal mining and I am sorry that there is such a glare but needless to say, it was a great day to visit the library!

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Oh yes, and they have books too! And since I have library cards from other places they will allow me to have a card here. The local library-what a gift!

More at a later visit to town- These vists now take hours-geesh. Oh well, be blessed and hug a stranger today. I hugged 3 of them today and made a few others smile too. Oh and I almost adopted a dog today. It is the perfect dog- she hates men with a passion. I wanted to get her for my front porch out here-hehehe.

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