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Monday, October 09, 2006

Geesh, That is some nerve

It is now my second day in Idaho. The drive was long but uneventful. I woke this morning to 27 degrees and a heavy frost. The heater had shut down so it was a chilly 60. I am a good hostess though because the brothers and my dad were toasty in their rooms, and because I care ( or mostly because I was just downright cold) I stroked my heater and begged it back to life.

Seeing that my role here in Idaho for this trip is to make sure that the 4 hunters are well maintained- meaning they remain well fed whether here or in the mountains, that they have clean non-soap smelling clothes and that if and when they kill, their game will be swiftly dealt with ( I am the butcher), it is hard to believe that one of the brothers would dare to wear this t-shirt around me:

12 Reasons Handguns are better then women:You can buy a silencer for a handgun.

  1. You can trade your .44 in for two .22's.

  2. You can have a handgun at home and another for on the road.

  3. If you admire a friend's handgun and tell him so,
    he will be impressed and let you try it out.
    Your handgun will stay with you even if you're out of ammo.
    Your primary handgun doesn't mind if you have a backup.
    Handguns don't take up a lot of your closet space.
    Handguns function normally every day of the month.
    A handgun won't ask, "Do these grips make me look fat?"
    A handgun doesn't mind if you got to sleep
    right after you are done using it.
    A handgun doesn't care how big your trigger finger is.
    A handgun won't complain if you are a "little fast on the the trigger."

PS. I did find a great free wireless spot in town so I will be able to post pictures and not have to trust the Indians to build big enough fires to send them your way. Pictures will be coming when I have had time to go wandering. Wish you could join me!

UPDATE: my phone at the house was shut off and cant be turned on till the day I leave so these free wifis are a great thing. I only have to drive 30 mins to get online. I am sure God has a purpose in all this but.. I am not gonna be a willing participant I think.

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