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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Walking in Blessings

I have chosen to make a new life in Wise Virginia. Not a move that was comfortable or understood by many in my tribe. Through the course of beginning this new life I have learned many things about Susan. Many of these things might have been obvious to those who knew me but they were things that I needed to learn one more time so that this time around I might finally get them. 

One of the big lessons I learned is that I truly do have value. I am worth more then just being someone's wife, someone's mother. I have value and worth and as such I am deserving of those things that I dream about. I am now watching a huge dream come true and it is so delicious to think about the reality of this dream and know that I chose to fulfill my dreams and not settle. Good enough is just not good enough. With that said I present this:  just a small vision of my dream coming true.

March2010 012

Soon there will be a porch leading up to my front door.

March2010 017 

The back will host a really big porch. I figure I will spend many wondrous hours on my back porch.

March2010 020

I have amazing huge rocks forming a natural garden below my house, and room for some great trees and flowers and veggies.

March2010 023

Not the best photo but it is from the living room area facing the study. The study had a solid wall separating it from a bedroom further back. I had the wall taken out and asked that they replicate the original archway that leads into the study.

March2010 024 

Because the back bedroom was not quite big enough for my quilting machine Maxine I needed to come up with a different solution. She should fit perfectly in this archway.


March2010 025

Now I have the studio of my dreams. Can’t wait to share my kitchen with you. That was the reason I just had to have this particular house. The process of getting this house has been such a walk of faith and a step of courage for me. I am forever changed because of what I am learning about myself. Now that this part of my dream is coming true it is time for me to focus on the next couple steps into my future.  I can’t wait to see what comes next as I have learned that I am truly walking in blessings. Yes, it is good to be me.

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