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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy New Birth Day Mom



Today marks my Mothers first year in Heaven.  I miss her greatly and yet in an odd way she seems more near me then ever before. Idaho is a place very removed from anything we shared. She saw photos and heard the stories. I remember reading her my post about the suicidal fire extinguisher while she was recovering from her heart attack. Both she and my sister laughed till the tears rolled. Two days later my Mom did not remember the story. That was how we realized she remembered nothing about her hospital stay. I would have confessed many things if I had known she would remember nothing.

Today I plan to be very intentional about the things I do and I will talk to Mom about those things.  I hope to take a walk today with camera in hand and shotgun on back. We have a firing range set up and will be shooting handguns till I learn not to flinch- could take all day. My Mom once shot a rabbit eating her garden with one shot.  And I am making a new pie recipe today that I know she would love. At the end of this day I will raise a Moose Drool and toast the woman who taught me to face life head on and smile.  Smiling through hardships make others wonder what you know and my family always knew that we have the Soller bloodline running through our veins and we are stubborn and driven to perceiver, we enjoy the life that the good Lord provides for us and we work hard to make it the best it can be. Not a bad heritage, not a bad reason to wear that smile of knowing.

My Mother loved the stories of St. Francis of Assisi and we gave her a statue for her garden over 30 years ago. Six months before she died someone stole that statue from her yard. I believe that was one of the hardest things for her to ever deal with as it was so senseless. As a child of the Nebraska culture she always believed the best in people, always looked for the friend within each stranger, and knew that deep down all people are good. Losing her statue went against all she believed to be true. I hope that by now Mom has met St. Francis and she again believes.

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