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Friday, June 01, 2007

Same Trip- Different Day- Different Journey

Today is Friday. I only had one real "must get it done this morning" type job. I had to make a cheesecake for dinner this evening. We have been invited to the neighbors for b-sgetti. This day was filled with ideas of cat napping on the porch in the early morning sun, reading and mostly just sitting still. Roxy has been under the weather- truthfully it was more like under tremendous load since it was actually her and not us pulling that super full trailer. We called the Ford garage at the beginning of the week- they thought they could see us next Thursday. I liked that idea since I have to be back at the coal company next Thursday working for office Jenn who is getting married over the weekend.

Vern and the kids went to town, perhaps for the day. I was left to my own devices and a cheesecake recipe. I was sitting in my pj's on the porch enjoying the peace and quiet, just beginning to unwind and get really comfy when somewhere behind me in my house I heard noises, big loud noises. Noises that led me to wonder if something had snuck in the back door and was crawling on shelves knocking stuff to the floor. I cautiously walked into my house looking for anything out of place, like a grizzly having fun at my expense, or things scattered on the floor. Nothing. I headed deeper into the bathroom area as the sound seemed to come from further in. Nothing animal like there but the air appeared to be filled with smoke that didn't smell like smoke. I backtracked and shut off the heater and headed back in to investigate further. Footprints on the bathroom floor. Hmmm, my footprints. Strangely the smokiness didn't smell fire like at all- more like powder. Brain is now rapidly running through old files. Farther back, farther..... oh yes, got it. Remember that time when you were driving around town in the conversion van with both kids and you had to take a corner fast and then there was this explosion and powder everywhere inside the van. You had to make a quick exit and grab the kids fast. Yep, this was like that.

The explosion that day with the van was merely a fire extinguisher made for bull dozer's, meaning it was larger then the home versions. It had been set off by the rapid change in direction followed by banging against the wall of the van. It left very nasty yellow powder everywhere. Just what an asthmatic child needs huh.

Today it was a house sized fire extinguisher that committed suicide by throwing itself from the top shelf in the laundry area, banging stuff off the windowsill and sending itself and the other stuff over the edge of the sill and down behind the dryer. I believe that it expired somewhere on the way down behind the dryer.

We happen to own a shop vac here-hurray for me. Turning on a shop vac to suck up baby powder fine stuff is not good for any vac- shop or otherwise. Cough cough. Had to put the vacuum up on the dryer and send the dust it coughs up out the window because it was sorta like reruns of a fire extinguisher setting itself off.

Ford called and they can't make Roxy misbehave. Vern just left with the trailer loaded up with some of the better things in our lives here like the quad, the John Deere lawn mower that I would love to have in W. PA and other heavy things so that the trailer will load Roxy and make her act up. Except he just called to tell me that the trailer is having a melt down and either the brakes are locked up or a wheel bearing is. It is not sounding good for a Ford fix today. Did I mention it is Friday? Did I mention that we need to leave here Monday-ish as I have to work Thursday morning?

I think I need a beer. As my Mom would say, It's got to be 5 o'clock somewhere. Sure hope there is a cold Moosedrool in the fridge. Cause this day would become catastrophic if there is no beer left.

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