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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Journey or Destination

Tonight I am sitting in Second Ave. Pizza in Sandpoint Idaho waiting on my steller pizza to arrive- it takes about 30 minutes to bake one here. I love the pizza here but I even more I love the idea of free wi-fi especially when the ranch has slow dial up.

Today was the day for adventure. I was reminded before we left the ranch this morning that it is not the destination that is important but the journey along the way. I have been to these places and I know the journey- bouncy bumpy roads that hold the possibility of seeing wild animals and the promise of seeing thousands of acres of trees.

First we were headed to Porcupine Lake which is way up at the top of one of the highest mountains in the area. It is a totally serene, far away from society type place that is shared with grizzlies- they even have a bear proof potty there not that I would cherish the thought of spending hours in that waiting out the bears appetite. We drove and bumped along for about 4 miles to discover a gate across the road- road out ahead do to last years floods- thanks for advance warning. Turn around and head for Lunch Peak. Lunch Peak is at the peak- hence the name- of a very high mountain. It is actually a fire tower. They also maintain a bear proof potty there also- Yeehaw. Of course this bum is no stranger to logs and rocks and well...lets just say I might be a mountain girl at er um.... heart.

So up the mountain we go. We stop at the meadowy stops to peruse the view and search for those wild animals that calm to live in this national forest. The biggest thing we saw was a blue grouse hen. We also saw a couple ground squirrels.

Under normal July styled days we have lunch at Lunch Peak- that seems to make sense. Today was not a July styled day and therefore we had lunch from Roxy.

We were stuck. No shovel of course. We used sticks to dig out. I decided that the cover of the cooler would make a better shovel. Since I am now munching on pizza you know we got out.

As much as I don't normally like the journey to the destinations that we were headed toward today I had to admit out loud that this was an awesome day of adventure. Be Blessed and I am wishing I had pizza to share with all but maybe my blog Bro. Kilo who will be scarfing the best pizza ever made.

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