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Friday, June 08, 2007

That is Odd

So, I am now back in W. PA. We got here about 12:30 am Thurs. morning and I was at work by 7:30. Bleary eyed but ready to be the W.I.T. (whatever it takes) that I am. No trucks all day so I cleaned the pigsty sometimes called an office. Today I had to be there even earlier as the Office Jen was getting married today at 4:30. Seems a bit odd that I would have to leave work early to go to the wedding of the girl who I am filling in for but..... life is odd like that.... at least my life is odd like that... My Italian Wedding Planner friend suggested that I just put a stunning hat on and outshine the bride and so I did....

I do have one more life is odd type story to share about our trip home from Idaho. It is one of those moments that happens and leaves you saying "Damn, I was so glad I was paying attention" We had stopped at Culver's Restaurant in Mitchell S. D. They have awesome ice cream stuffs there and Reuben sandwiches and Butter burgers if you are interested. We had just gotten our food and began munching when a woman sat down at the table beside us. Her friend joined her and bam... within 5 seconds I was grabbing my ice cream and running for the door. The world was getting foggy before I reached that fresh outside air. Perfume...by the gallon is my guess....Jenn kept looking out the window to check on me...I can go brain dead so fast around some perfumes and this one was making my world spin very fast and I was not liking it at all but the sun was bright and it was so pleasant outside.

One of the Culver's workers made his way around the building and I watched as he changed trash bags. Not so interesting I suppose but I just felt this nudging asking me to go talk to him. I went over and asked him how long he had worked at Culver's. He had been there for about 2 years so I then asked him if he knew much about the corporation. I told him about the Chick-fil-a restaurants and how I appreciate their Christian work ethic, the fact that they are closed on Sundays, etc. I said that each time we stop at his store I wonder if it has a Christian base to it or if it is just the good hearted people in Mitchell. Poor kid got the funniest look on his face. Said he wished that this place was like the one I was telling him about. Suddenly I knew to listen very carefully. He said that he thought it was really odd that I would ask that question of him. I said, nope, that is just God.

Levi, that was the name on the badge he was wearing, explained that he had been really put under conviction that day and now here I was challenging him to talk about his faith. He explained that he is a Christian and lately he comes to work and finds himself just being angry. Here was a large 17 year old boy now melted down to someone looking to be about 7 and telling a perfect stranger that his heart hurts. Right there in front of God, and Jenn, and anyone else who might be looking out the windows I asked Levi if I could pray for him, he nodded and there on that bright South Dakota day I was suddenly calling forth the powers of my Loving and Caring God, asking him to help Levi to understand, and to feel the comfort of God's loving-kindness. Levi walked taller as he moved on to the next garbage can.

I had finished my ice cream so I headed back in to collect my family. As I passed Levi I told him that I had one more part of the story to add. I explained that I am very allergic to perfume and that was how I happened to be outside for this conversation. He said, that is odd. I said, nope, that is God.

Sometimes God even shows up in the odd places of our lives. Be blessed!

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