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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What a trip indeed!

For he shall give his angels charge over thee to keep thee in all thy ways.

                                           Psalm 91:11

I am now back in Western Pa. and I am praising the Lord for guardian angels and thanking them for working so hard to keep me safe. In a nutshell I will share with you the adventures that went down.  There is no way to glorify these stories.

I took my precious Maxie with us to Idaho.  She loves to travel and when she saw the suitcases come out she parked her fluffy butt in mine and wouldn't leave till she saw her cat carrier and knew she was coming along. Sadly she did not make the return home. She was there two days and disappeared. We are pretty certain she was food for a coyote most likely or a bear. I saw one coyote and 4 bears very near my place. GRRRRRR

It was huckleberry season and we decided to venture over to our other property to see if it was hiding these wonderous things ( they were selling for up to $35.00 a gallon). We got there to discover that someone was cutting our timber there.  The next morning we met the dep. sheriff there and met the timber man and found out that the guy we bought this property from 3 1/2 years ago sold him the trees. WTF Anyway we are now in a slow process of getting paid for our trees. As they said at the sheriffs office " Justice is very slow for the innocent parties"   GRRRRRR

We took the four wheeler in because it was not running properly- a necessary thing during hunting season in Oct. The part is something that should never have to be replace ( ha, they never met us) and had to be special ordered. The machine is still at the shop as they didn't get it fixed in time for us to bring it home with us. GRRRRRR

Hubby decided we needed to bring home our extra large, scary to pull trailer  and the good lawnmower from out there since mine here hasn't run all summer. He brought the wrong hitch out. We needed extra weight to make this hitch work. We cut 2 cedar trees down and loaded up the logs to weigh down this 24 foot trailer. Guess it worked too good.

Before we even started for home I found a nail in a trailer tire. Filled it with green goop and air and we headed for PA. Got about 100 miles and stopped at a tire place to have a plug put in the hole.  Got further down the road and had a blowout on the trailer while I was driving. Went to various places to get a replacement tire and then bought the right trailer hitch. Trailer pulled better and yes, the run better with 4 good tires. Got on down the road and hubby had a flat on the trailer. Went to various places to find tire. Drove down the road and into Ohio where we lost a whole wheel- new tire and all.  Did you know that a trailer can go miles on 3 wheels- who knew? Parked the damn trailer and drove home.

Two days later I was elected to go with to pick up trailer. Fixed the hub and then went to various places to find someone to put a tire on the rim of our spare. Got back to trailer when I informed hubby that his tire he picked up for free had a leak in the sidewall. Put it on anyway.  Got 1 hour from home and tire was flopping like crazy- guess green goop and air are not cure-alls. It was after 11 pm when we pulled into the truckstop. Truckstops do not fix car tires. We stood in parking lot and fixed it ourselves as nothing is open at that time of night. We took the spare tire that once lived on the spare wheel and put the two back together. They use hydrolic systems to muscle a tire onto the wheel- we had ME and a couple crowbars and a small sledge hammer.

Whoo hoo, I now know that at midnight I can put a tire on a rim in a truck parking lot while wondering why a man driving a  Child's Play truck has just entered into the porno shop across the street to watch videos. I have been on the road too long this trip and I have jacked up and down one trailer way way too many times. If you have a flat tire just call on me- I am now a pro! 2300 miles and 4 tires.

Can we just say that August has been a clusterfuck of problems and it aint over yet. Doh!  Oh  yeah, today I got on that wonderful Idaho mower to cut some PA grass and after one pass around the yard the belt broke.  I think I am just gonna walk the rest of this month.

I did get some great photos and will post them soon but there is stuff calling for my attention today. Be blessed!

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