I am a woman searching for my inner goddess and using fabrics, words and photography as my road map. I find great comfort and order in my creative efforts and hope that in sharing them you find a peace also. Welcome and Be Blessed!

Friday, June 06, 2008

My Kind of Shopping Trip

My girlfriend and I went on a shopping trip yesterday- mostly the things she had planned to do didn't happen because her bestest friend suggested we just go to Applebees for "perfect margaritas" instead. Those suckers are hugemonugous and very very tasty. They would be perfecter if they were less pricey though in my honest opinion, of course at $7.50 a pop you are not normally gonna drink too many. We did end up eating while there. It was decided that perhaps after our perfect drinks- yes more then one- we should go shopping nearby for a while. Lowes was close.

We went in through the garden department as I was looking for a certain type of a flowering bush to replace all the bushes I made hubby cut down- really there was a logic to that. They didn't have what I wanted so I asked if it was ok if I took photos of the flowers. The guy looks at me and tells me I will have to speak to management about that. Hmmm, click, click, click. I will talk to them politely even if they show up to tell me to stop. For your viewing pleasure a taste of summer cause Lord knows we totally skipped spring at my house. Ask me how I know this one.... we have a new temperature gauge here... a stick of butter. If the butter in the dish is solid we ran out of fuel, if it spreads but hard we are at our new lower temp of about 67, and if it pours on the bread we know we have reached total melt down- we went from damn, we are out of fuel straight into pour me out I am melted. Hence no spring.... so on with the summer show....









Be Blessed today.

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