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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Crimson and Clover- or take a walk with me

This is gonna be a long post but I will put all the words, or most of the words up front with lots  photos to follow and trust me, the photos say so much more then the words do. Anyway, it was suggested that I take a walk through our woods today looking for bits of hair- gulp. I went camera in hand and didn't find bits of Maxie, nor did I see clutches or cliches or whatever the heck bunches of crows or buzzards are called. I left for this not all together pleasant walk in a blue mood but it became very fiery crimson before I finally made it home- that is for another post where I bitch and moan about the lousy way the timber guys really screwed up my woods and decimated every path that we had- today there were no paths except for the deer and other small critter trails I was following.

Last Friday I finished up my first online Photoshop class. I loved it but I have done no editing to any of these photos. You get to see them just as I took them. Hope you enjoy.

Anyway, lets play a game.... see how many 4 leaf clovers you can spot as I take you with me on my walk. Come on, just when was the last time you strolled through the woods anyway, and face it I did all the hard parts. Click to embiggen photos.























I wished that Maxie would come home.

PS. It is a murder of crows and a wake of buzzards.

PSS. 11 4 leaf clovers-

UPDATE: WISHES DO COME TRUE- a very wet, hungry, bedraggled little cat came home tonight.


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