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Monday, November 26, 2007


Today is the beginning of the hunting season in W. PA. Die hard hunters will argue that fact and point out that we have already had bow season but today opens up the kill a buck with your rifle and load him in your truck season. For some it becomes bragging rights season. For me it is normally butchering season. Sigh!

For many women Black Friday marked the beginning of the official holiday season. I am not many woman. For me it marked the season of over packed discount stores, edgy clerks and a time for me to stay home. Sigh! Lets just say that I am no longer a supporter of the over commercialization of what should be an every day celebration of the birth of my Saviour. As I have stated before I think every day should be Thanksgiving so I can skip over Christmas and all its trimmings.

I often remind mothers younger then me that our job of mothering comes in seasons. They look a bit longingly at my life schedule and wonder if they will every get there. I had Thanksgiving dinner with two such women, one has 3 children and the other, God bless her, has 6 kids. Add to that the fact that they both home school. They had children calling for their attention all day long. They had children curled up in their laps. Sigh! It was actually my first Thanksgiving being childless. My daughter was tucked into her new place and having dinner with her boyfriends family.

Seasons. It was the theme of my last week I guess. Two Saturdays ago I was taking all the important stuffs up to the Boston area so that we could move my daughter into her very first apartment. We had spend days on the phone sorting through the things here for the stuff she wanted there. While this was a sort of thing that took place each year as she went back to college there was more permanence to it this time. It left me with the feeling that there was a period somewhere within that weekend- a spot that said "end of a season". Sigh!

This weekend was spent here in W. PA and I finally had the time to begin assimilating the things from my Mother's house into my home. End of another season, my Mother's seasons on earth are now only in our memories. Sigh! I found so many reminders of another season when I had once lived with many of these things myself before I had taken up the calendar of my own life and began creating my own seasons. There were even things from my precious Grandma and reminders of the seasons we spent together.

As I put order to my house I guess I am looking over the season I am in. I am hoping that this is a season of much introspection and creative indulgence, a season of downsizing the lifestyle while enlarging the hearts bandwidth. Only God knows the length of any given season in my life- I want to make the best of each one as it comes around. May you be blessed in whatever season you are dealing with currently. Remember that sometimes the best you can do is just take a deep breath and sigh while reminding yourself that this too shall pass. It always does-eventually. Sigh!

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