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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Whether its grey or gray its all the same to me.

I am betting every one of us has used that saying "when it rains, it pours". Firstly, what the heck does that really mean anyway. And B, I am having one of them there "raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock" sorta day I guess.

Woke this morning to the normal sounds of a radio playing some sort of adult contemporary stuff- my choice. It was just too early to get out of a warm bed so when a song came on that I didn't like I shut it off. It is so awesome to have a remote control for your alarm clock. Woke later to classic rock music- also my choice. Still didn't want to get up and face a day of freezing rain and gray W. PA life. This time of year is very depressive to a girl like me. Woke a third time to the sounds of a cat on the table trying to knock the butter dish lid off. Hubby and I both heard that sound. We did a quick head count of the gargoyle like cats staring at us trying to convince me it was time to arise and afeed them there hungry gargoylistic cats. 2 cats accounted for. I flew out of my bed and slammed shut the door leading to the basement only to have a third cat, a yellow and white cat rush past me in sheer panic.

Mind you, I do not willingly feed a yellow and white cat, nor do I entertain ideas of having a cat like that. It is a cat with very poor manners and habits. It is the father of the cat now living with the daughter. It is the father of other cats now living at other residences. It has chosen to like my warm and wonderful house, not to mention my no longer innocent cats that had to endure being fixed on his account and leaves me reminders that he has been there loving on my good graces.

So, I have one gray cat who is strangely odder then normal. I can hear one other gray cat shut in the bedroom loudly telling me she wants out and I have a yellow and white cat hiding under the couch in the living room adding his two mews worth. Add to this circus party one other fun note. Hubby looks at my puzzled face and I calmly explain that I am hearing something not right, and it sounds like it is upstairs. I am used to strange upstairs noises. We have an iguana that is not in a cage- it is free roaming and to hear it slither on the hard wood floors took some getting used to. This was too rhythmic and not slithery enough to be the iggy. I quietly made my way upstairs not certain what other amazing and glorious thing I might find on this wonderful rainy gray W Pa sorta day.

Drip, Drip, Drip. and if that was not sign enough for the foggy brain, I reached down to pick up a roll of toilet paper on the bathroom floor. They are double the normal size when wet. Now, I have a yellow and white cat freaking out in my living room, and a drip drip drip happening in the upstairs bathroom. My hubby, after surveying the dripping sounds, complains that the guy who fixed the roof and is now dead must not have done such a good job. I suggest that perhaps we should get him to come back and refix the roof- nur, nur nur- that is W. PA for can you say anything more stupid then what has just escaped from those lips of yours . Then, he has the nerve to ask me what else could go wrong. All I got to say is WTF Vern. Why tempt the fates with yet another stupid question.

The yellow and white cat will no longer be visiting my house, or anyone else's house. It had a bit of a one sided chat with one of my anniversary presents of years past and my gift taught him that silence is golden, or yellow and white in this case.

The dripping is still taking place. I can't really speak to whether water boarding is torture but I do know that a constant drip drip drip of a rainy, gray W. PA day.certainly is. I have found one bright spot to this day. As I have been sitting here typing this out I have been watching one of those really nasty Japanese lady bugs. It is stuck on it's back and can't flail enough to flip right side up. I am contemplating what type of water boarding it would most enjoy- or perhaps a good water swirly although my more cruel side says that is just to simple. Gorilla glue perhaps? Hmmm Yep, rainy gray W Pa days bring out the absolute best in me.

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