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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Special Day Indeed!

Men wonder at the height of mountains, the huge waves of the sea, the broad flow of rivers, the course of the stars--- and forget to wonder at themselves.
---St. Augustine

Today is 07/07/07. Special day? You bet! I woke up early this morning to sit with my Mom. She got tired of laying in bed- her own bed- washed and dressed herself, made her own breakfast and was trying not to wake anyone with her coughing. One week ago my Mom was taken by ambulance to the hospital. She had a massive heart attack which has left her with 13 % of her heart alive. She was on a breathing tube. She was taken off the breathing tube. She was brought home Thursday. Hospice was here yesterday and the nurse was in total amazement. My Mother is a wonder.

Just this morning, in the quiet, while all the others were sleeping, we talked about how special this day is. We talked about how she is thankful that I have stayed on and will be her caregiver for the time being. We talked about how she hopes to be able to send me home soon, but that she worries I might get there and have to turn right back around. That is how it is I said. We talked about how we have said all the important things that needed to be said, and how what ever happens from here on out is ok. Then we talked about that day in the near future when my Mom will get to hold her Granddaughter Jessica and tell her how much we love and miss her. What a glorious day that will be.

Yes, today is a special day. Every day that my Mom takes another breath will be a special day. What a wonder she is indeed.

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