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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Pieces of my life- King Sized

I am still hanging out at my Mom's house playing nursemaid. Really I am not doing a great deal here- it is more moral support at this point I believe. The woman gets up and gets herself ready for the day, makes her own bed unless I beat her to it, she does her own showers and today washed her own hair. Tonight she helped dry dishes. Tomorrow my sister and I are taking her out for her Red Hat lunch unless she is too tired. Did I mention that it has not yet been 2 weeks since she had a massive heart attack. It has been just one week since we got her off of a breathing tube. Damn, I sure hope I have some of this strength and drive and will wrapped up inside me somewhere.

Since I was here and had nothing to do to keep me occupied and out of my stepfather's hair, opps too late there, he's bald , my Sister and I went to the local quilt shop. There hanging on the wall was a quilt that made her stop and do the jaw drop. A difficult thing to accomplish. The kits had all been sold but they still had a lot of the fabrics and thought they could cut another. They kindly pointed to the group of fabrics and then I took over. Being older and wiser, and basically the only quilter in the family, I said watch this. I pulled out the one fabric that I thought would stop her heart- given the reason I was in town, that is kinda cruel I guess. I was right though. I told her to hold on to that and I went looking for a better pattern. Don't know if it was a better one but it was different and very do-able. I then walked her to another area of the store and said watch this and just as quick as pulling the proverbial rabbit out I had about 8 fabrics lined up to go with her heartstopper fabric.

We only bought the pattern and the heart stopper and decided that we would look elsewhere another day. And we did. And we found. At half price- my kinda shopping I tell ya.

Did I ever tell you that I have been very actively looking for an old Singer Featherweight 221 sewing machine for about a year now. Jonesing for one. Have the money hidden away. Stopping at all the garage sales etc. Even called the sister and begged her to look because I was pretty darned certain that she had one that my Grandpa who was a sewing repair man gave her. He gave each girl in the family a machine but not a Featherweight. Damn if he didn't give one to my sister though. But she is not letting go of it. It was even tough convincing her that I should make her quilt on her machine. See photo above.

You may not believe this but these here little piles will very soon be a king sized quilt- unless of course sis gets pissed and takes her machine and goes home. In that case, I take my new king sized home and thank her for allowing me the opportunity to now know beyond a shadow of a doubt I have to have one of these beauties. If this machine looks like something you have tucked in the attic or basement and you know you aren't gonna be using it please please let me know. We can work out a deal I'm sure.

Well, on top of the other things my Mom is now doing, she is cracking the whip. She wants to see this quilt top finished and she is not letting me waste any time. I love it. Be amazed I tell her. I am gonna have it done by the end of the weekend. Updates to follow.

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