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Friday, May 11, 2007

The Good Day...Post

Daughter Jenn and I went to do the grocery shopping today. It turned into a stellar day. We had to do Sam's Club. I would say it was uneventful but shopping with the daughter keeps you on your toes. She tosses things at you when you are not paying attention. Things like pillows and stuffed animals. Today it was rolled up blankets and a bag of bacon bits. At least I saw the bacon coming cause chips of pig upside the head are just not what one usually wants in Sam's Club.

We then ventured into Target. This ended up being one of those to die for Mom moments if ever there are those. We found ourselves in the book section and suddenly we were reading children's books to each other, out loud, in front of God and everyone, even small children. We were making the appropriate faces to go along with the stories. I have to tell you that when we get into the moment, especially if books are involved we can really get into the moment. I was almost in tears when reading about the 3 baby bears who were worried that out of the 3 they may not be their parents favorite. We read The Good Day Book that turned into an even better day, and we read about just how much one can love a person- all the way to the moon and back if you are wondering.

Then, we took the fun parade and headed to Wally World for the rest of the stuff. We were getting a bit slap happy by now. I think that too long under those dummy down lights of Sam's domain work too well on me and my brain goes dead. I think it is a ploy to just dummy down the shoppers so everything looks good but I am so sensitive that my brain goes on over load and while it attempts to reboot I am mostly just a lost puppy in isles full of stuff that gets me too excited and I usually need to pee. Under these circumstances we shop.

This is when having a list is always a good thing for me. If I spin around twice I am lost. Jenn is good to usually focus me back in but not always.

Sometime in this section of my day I asked Jenn if she needed something. Her reply was " need is such a funny word" Think on that one for a bit. She is not wrong. Imagine Americans going a week without using the word "need". Generally when we use the word "need" we mean, "oh, I want that". What ever it was I was asking about did not make it into the shopping cart after that crush consumerism tirade of minimal proportions.

Today we made it to the check out counter where this nice young man waited on us. I love cashiers. What a job. Not something I would do, at least not freely- oh wait- they don't either. Anyway, I was talking to Aaron who was taking it all in stride. His register ate his tape. I then showed him that that was nothing. Daughter and I had eaten our lunch while wandering the isles of his fine establishment and if he cared to open up the bag that once housed chicken tenders he would find a small container that had honey mustard dipping sauce and he could charge me appropriately for it also. He did not even flinch. I then proceeded to ask him if he had learned anything new or exciting today. He replied that he had not. I then smiled and said "Huh, I don't know that I have either." Out of the corner of my eye I caught the daughter smiling a very faint but very wicked little smile.

We stepped away with a cart of now paid for groceries and when she was certain we were out of poor Aaron's hearing she turned to face me and inform me that all marsupials have forked penises. Damn girl, how does one drop that sorta bomb in the middle of Walmart and not expect Mom to just about lose it. Yesterday we had been discussing Opossums vs. Possums. Today we went further into this discussion and there again we were just being ourselves right there in front of God and everyone, even small children- me I just wished she had said that 30 seconds sooner as the 3 hottie teenage boys were walking past. Now that woulda been something to witness. Oh and yes, all marsupials apparently do have forked penises unless of course they are female.

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