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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Skunked Again

I come home from quilt guild only to discover that the whole neighborhood smells of skunk. I smile to myself because our dog who got skunked at least 6 times each year is now sleeping under the dirt and dreaming of being one up on them there stripiedy cats.

I come in the house to discover a rather frantic daughter and darned if the skunk smell is not stronger in my house then outside- what the heck is my brain trying to tell me???

"Mom, one of these cats has been skunked and is drooling all over the house." Grrr

Cats do not like baths. Cats do not like tomato juice. Hubby suggests shooting said cat to put us out of our misery. I send him off to bed.

Out of four cats, Thelia was the blessed one. Thelia hates baths more then the others- she is much more passionate about not getting wet. She is stronger and she gets wicked nasty. Did I say grrrrr yet.

A quick search on Google suggests Peroxide, baking soda and Dawn dish soap- not soup this time. We have all the ingredients. We lock down cat in bathroom- I am thinking it was more us being locked down so we dont run.

I now have the marks to prove I have danced with a tiger tonight! Note to interested readers- the perfect place for this wonderous act to happen is in the bathtub- there is little for them to sink their claws into unless of course you allow them to turn and rotate- then they mearly climb right up your back clawing and scratching all the way.

Thelia smells better and hey the peroxide has cleaned her stink off and cleaned out all my cat dancing wounds too. A real two-fer deal here tonight.

When the bleeding quits I am off to bed where I will dream of a world with none of the stripiedy cats but lots of great hunting dogs and gentle cats.

Sweet Dreams oh, and why does this always happen just before bedtime???

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