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Monday, April 02, 2007

Feets to Feats

My feets are now firmly planted on W. PA soil again. We returned home Friday evening. My old scout leader Baby Janes would be very pleased with me. I have taken to heart one of her lessons. Actually she taught me many things that have become a part of me and now a part of my daughter and so the cycle goes.

Did I ever mention that I am a Girl Scout First Class- but only because Baby Janes pushed me, she thought it was an important step for me to take and no one was more proud the night I got my pin then she was. She saw things within me that I had never dared to dream. She taught me that if you borrow something you should return it in better condition then you found it. When I was in high school we planned and then went on a 2 week camping trip from Southern Fla to North Carolina so that we could experience hiking mountains and camping in the fresh air. Anyway, we borrowed the tents from the Girl Scout Headquarters and set them all up one Saturday before the trip. They will filled with holes that needed to be repaired and so we spent the rest of the day fixing tears and holes and generally bellyaching about it. When we returned from the trip we repaired these tents and made certain that they were ready for the next campers.

I can proudly say that I left my parents in much better shape then when Jenn and I found them last Sunday. We cooked and we cooked and we laughed and shared stories. My stepdad had to move back up one pants size just before we left and my Mom had gained weight also. We made larger then needed meals so that there was food for the freezer. I made my Mom a chocolate pie- my first. She declared it to be the best ever. I am not so sure because my Grandma was the best ever but she took her recipe with her. The folks begin meals on wheels this week and that makes me feel more comfortable.

The Missouri area was hit with a tremendous ice storm during the winter. My folks went 7 days without power. The last hundred miles before we got to Springfield made Jenn and I very sad. The storm had taken a major toll on all the trees- and I mean ALL the trees. They had lost their tops and many are now dead. The clean up is still taking place. The area looks like a war zone.
Spring has arrived in Springfield and things are looking more alive then they were a couple weeks ago. That is not just for the plants and trees but also for my parents. How awesome and thoughtful is our God who knows that after the dark and long nights of winter our souls need something like spring to wake up our spirits and remind us to not just to be alive but to live fully and wonderously. Be blessed today!

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