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Friday, February 23, 2007

Perversely Obstinate, Me???

My daughter tells me that I have become very petulant. I ignored her the first couple times she said that, but after a while I got rather curious. Yesterday I asked her what her definition of petulance is. Dang if she didn't even use it in a sentence for me. "My Mother has been having fits of petulance lately." To the dictionary I went because you can only call me some name for so long before I need a clearer understanding of what you are really saying to me. Petulant: characterized by temporary or capricious ( impulsive or unpredictable) ill humor( to be surly, irritable), peevish, perversely obstinate. Dang it all, we have the perfect description of what the Red Queen has become. Sure beats being prosaic ( commonplace or dull; matter-of-fact or unimaginative). I have always enjoyed being capricious even when I didn't know what that meant. I do regret the ill humor part of this story though, and to be called peevish- out of the question- that guarantees my being surly to be sure.

I can promise that the two weeks the daughter spent in Boston with her friends she noticed no petulant behaviors from me. I am almost certain that when I am alone and go into the bathroom and suddenly am inundated with cats and kittens- count 6 of them, they didn't notice petulance(although it is probably in the air). If I leave the living areas of my home to hide myself away in my studio and am soon followed not just by 6 cat/kittens but a daughter and/or hubby would it be considered capricious of me to be irritable???

Daughter is now studying for her GRE's. The book she got is full of words- her own quote. Needless to say, it has many 10 cent words that we know, some 25 centers we are using and well, those 50 cent words are somewhat recognized. I think we will both be studying this book full of words. For now, The Red Queen is packing herself and her attitudes up and going down the road apiece for a quilt retreat. I have high hopes of piecing together 3 quilt tops over the weekend. Todays word: Optimistic: disposed to take a favorable view of events or conditions and to expect the most favorable outcome. Yep, this weekend I hope to optimistic, not petulant. Be blessed.

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