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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Drinkin the Funk

I guess I have been in a real funk of late. Not in a "is the glass half full or half empty" sorta way. More like a where is that damn glass and why should I even care type funk. Life has been washing under my feet and while there have been many episodes worthy of noting frankly I didn't care, nor did I think those one or two readers left would either.

This morning I know where my glass is and what it is filled with. I understand that it is my glass and that I must drink what I have poured into it. There are ways to sweeten it, ways to make it taste not quite like what it is, but still in the end, it is my glass and I must take it in.

Yesterday I went to get another treatment for my toxins and could barely even walk through the door. Even told my guru that I didn't want to be there. We hooked me up to the computer and at least for now there is nothing left to treat. I left with an appointment for a month from now. That was great news.

I went to the vet then to pick up three cats with shaved bellies. Whoo hoo, no more kittens. Three cats with 3 different personalities. Last night and today I have been watching how they each deal with the stress of the last couple days and the pain that they are feeling. Animals have very few methods for dealing with pain- either they pull into themselves and hide from the world till they feel better, they lash out at everything thus creating a barrier between themselves and others, or they want extra attention, they want that touch from another. We are not unlike animals at all when it comes to pain.

I have gone from wearing the rose colored glasses that I found as a young child, to no glasses (can't find my glasses Scooby), to I am not thirsty and don't want to drink what is in that glass, to realizing that what has been poured out for me is my life and I must find ways of taking it in.

That boys and girls is where I am at today. Unlike my cat Maxie who has run off to hide from the world till she is past the pain, I must focus on sipping at that glass and taking in what each day offers. The pain that my cats are feeling will fade quickly and scars will heal over soon to be hidden and there will not even be a memory. My cats are lucky.

I find it so like God to make sure that as I am beginning to recognize where I am at in life, He has my pastors preach on the subject. For a study on pain and pain management check out my church archives here. You might be thinking my cats are pretty lucky too.

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