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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Im Still Alive, I think

From your side of the monitor it might just look like I have dropped off the earth but that is far from the truth. I have been flitting round, tickling the earth with my feets and helping life as we know it to carry on. Here are some things that I have had a hand in since my last post- they are only in the order of how they pop into my head.

1. We did camp-meeting for church again this year. Actually some of the family used the cottage. I went up on a Sat. night and spent most of Sunday cooking for the crowd and filling the fridge and cupboards with food and then I went back at the end to clean up when they had all left.

2. My hubby had to have surgery for an abdominal aneurysm. He is doing fine- it has just taken a bit longer to get back up to speed then we had hoped.

3. I found Tar-Baby! Last Tues. this really cute young male dog appeared at the office. He was covered in tar and I fell in love. My daughter fells in love and thinks I should keep him forever but she thinks he needs a better name- sorry Jn but Tar-baby sticks. Anyway, I took puppy home in hubby's truck cause he gets tar on everything. I gave him a bath and ended up using WD40 to cut the tar. I would have kept him as a house dog except for 4 small indiscretions- He chased my chickens- looked just like a coyote when doing it, he wanted to eat my cats- no fair, they were there first, he peed on the corner of my couch not once but twice and then one that sent him back to office, he tried to hump my leg- now that is just nasty. Tar-baby is now an office dog, greets all the truckers who come in to see me and eats their leftovers and whines to go home with me every time I get into my car.

4. I rescued a baby finch from my cat- maybe I shoulda let Tar-baby git-r. Then with hubby's help we found the nest, the parents and a second kitty snack of a bird. It was suddenly a "no Cat outside" day.

5. I shot another groundhog in my yard. This makes 2 for me and 11 in the same area of the yard. Geesh- I think I need a recipe at this rate.

6. I have been setting up Excel programs for the office. It is time to bring it into the 21 century and off of green ledger paper.

7. I have been doing some quilting. I was taught a special quilting method while in Idaho. It is all done by hand and so I have been working on this when I have the chance. Also, I just sent out a special quilting challenge to my two newest quilting friends.

8. Speaking of quilting friends, today when I am done at work I am jumping into Roxy and heading southward to visit my first every blog quilt friend Kat. We will spend a couple days quilting and yaking and just having a great time and then we are going to a blog convention. Of course today of all days the Bubba called in to tell me he will be a couple hours later then normal- wonder if he is taking hamster dance lessons?

I am gonna close this and get ready to bolt the minute that door swings open and the new and improved dancing hamster arrives- just hope he has showered.

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