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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

13 Things about The Bubba

I have just finished cleaning the office and I have finally figured out our office manager/CPA. Weird is not a strong enough word to describe him but I now understand. You know how people claim that "he is just a woman trapped in a male body" or that "she should have been born a man"? Well in the Bubba's case- he is a hamster trapped in a male body. 13 Reason I believe this are as follows

  1. He is afraid of everything-dogs, big or small, kittens, germs, and most especially me.

  2. He continually piles up stacks of files around him creating walls in which to live in.

  3. He has no real shoulders.

  4. He loves to run.

  5. He brings most of his belongings with him to work each day- carries a football players bag filled with stuff he doesn't use but can't bear to be separated from it by leaving it in the car.

  6. He hoards things: balls up bread ties, saves all bread bags, and even saves the paper towels he uses.

  7. He tears up all papers and mail he throws away into very small pieces.

  8. He usually eats hunched over like he is sneaking the food. I found a huge pile of bread crumbs today when I tore down his walls and gave the floor a proper vacuuming.

  9. He currently has 11 empty peanut butter jars in his bottom desk drawer.

  10. He has no real personality, and beady little eyes.

  11. He eats no sweets what so ever- no junk food.

  12. He has no concept of time or how long it should take to do things. A yearly tax return here take 3 years to get done.

  13. Hamsters don't like to shower and he doesn't either. Yucky Poo.

    And a bonus: this hamster in a guys misshapen body washes his underwear out here at the office and hangs them from the doorknob to dry.
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