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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Pray for....

Happy Sunday. My day was spent driving around Pittsburgh with my hubby looking for a coal dock. Normally I love road trips and am always looking for the next adventure but I dread driving around Pittsburgh as you can get on a bridge and end up somewhere you never knew existed and then trying to return to a point of recognition becomes well, lets just say you never really return, you just pretend that you now know where you are and that it is closer to where you wanted to be. There is usually a slight disagreement taking place during this as I am usually told I don't know how to read a map and yet it was my map reading skills that saved us hours of driving on the wrong side of the river today. We did find the dock and finally made it back home. Whew!

Today was not much of an adventure but I will highlight two things that touched me. First, we drove past a gorgeous home. possible a four to five hundred thousand dollar home, with a well manicured yard and expensive vehicles in the driveway. The interstate is higher then this property and placed on the bank near their house was what looked like a couple white sheets spray painted with the message "Pray for Cory to be healed". My heart melted immediately. I knew this situation to the depths of my being. I did not need to know the circumstances to know the grief and fear that this family is facing. I do not know Cory, I do not know anything about Cory but I do know that the Lord I prayed to as we drove past knows everything about Cory, from the diagnosis to the very hairs on his head. How often I relied upon the prayers of others for my dear daughter and how I begged God to heal her. I understand that today as she sits at her Saviour's feet my sweet Jessica is healed but I also know the grief that goes with that healing and I am praying for Cory today and for his family that his healing is earthbound and that he will have an awe inspiring tale to share with all who know him.

I was offered breakfast out if I went on this adventure. As I was waiting to be seated I saw an elderly couple headed out the door. The man was leading and not only was he using a cane he was carrying a large take out bag. I walked over and held open the door for him. He never even looked up at me. His wife, who was also using a cane followed right behind. She would not have looked up either except I had noticed how beautiful her cane was and told her so. She only nodded at my words. Not a thank you, not even a real acknowledgment. At first I was amazed, then perhaps a bit hurt, and finally it just made me sad to wonder what might have taken place in their lives to make them so bitter and unappreciative. Really for me opening the door was not even a real thought as it was more unconscious. I do this because it is just a part of who I am- not for the praise. It is a bit like that need I have to reach down and pick up litter just because someone should do it and I am someone. I find myself wishing I had a big white sheet to put out in front of this couples house with a message "Pray for us". God knows what is happening in their lives today and everyday. He knows of their joys and their sorrows. He knows what they need and what they lack.

And now as I write this I am wondering if I drove past your house and you had a sheet in your yard what would you be asking for? The truly amazing thing about my God is that if each of us put out our spray painted message sheet at the same time God would read and ponder each message as if it was the only one, and he already knows what it would say. Part of the answer is in the asking. What would your prayer request be? Be Blessed today my friend.

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