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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Tea for 13

13 Teas that the Red Queen Enjoys

Happy Thursday 13. My week started out so well but ended in a pretty emotionally tumultuous time. I am a firm believer that a cup of tea will cure almost anything and therefore I have a whole drawer full of different varieties of tea that I enjoy.

1. Stash English Breakfast black tea- can you say Good Morning with a smile cause this tea sure does.
2. Stash Double Bergamot Earl Grey black tea- another tea that will wake up your brain and your senses.
3. Bigelow Constant Comment- this tea is excellent in the winter. Another black tea sweetened with orange and spices.

I have a special teapot given to me by my Grandma, It was her belief that tea is just better from this brand of teapot. Sadly, I just read that the Pristine Company is no longer in business. My tea will now be extra special from this pot.
Some more medical type teas:

4. Licorice Root- You have to like black licorice. Very good for boosting energy
5. Celestial Seasonings Echinacea Cold Season-This has all types of good stuff to help with colds and it really drys up the runny nose and gives Mom type comfort.
6. Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer- One cup of this an you are one mellow fellow.
7. Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime- great for those nights you can't fall asleep. I am ready to sleep before the cup is finished.

My daughters and I loved tea parties. We would have them all the time. When my daughter Jessica died it seemed only appropriate to put her ashes in a teapot. Her sister Jenn painted one just special for her.

And just for fun:

8. Stash Mango Passionfruit- a caffeine free party in the mouth tea with an amazing aroma.
9. Numi Dry Desert Lime- I love the flavor of lime. This is a true citrus pleasure.
10. Numi Jasmine Green Tea- this is an delightful spring time teas.
11. Numi Temple of Heaven- a green gunpowder tea
12. Bigelow Chinese Fortune- an oolong tea- this will remind you of the tea served at the Chinese Restaurants.
13. Stash Fusion green and white tea-this tea is tasty and good for you- filled with antioxidants.

So next time your are nervous, agitated, sad,tired or don't feel well or just need some good company brew yourself a spot of tea and picture me sitting across from you because anytime you have a cup of tea it can be a party and the Red Queen should always be invited to a party! Be Blessed this week.

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