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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Barefoot Chics In Need Of An Ark

My daughter graduated barefoot. I forgot to put that in my post yesterday. She was not the only one but she was the first one. She had shoes but decided she didn't need them I guess. The horrors of it all-gasp, snicker, teeheehee. She is my hero but don't tell her that please!

So Jenn rescued 11 chicken peeps from her biology department lab. Not the type of rescue where you dress in camo and sneak in, tagging walls with tirades of caged birds and then setting them free to roam the world till death grabs them by the tail feathers or simple rolls over them leaving chicken flavored road pizza but she merely removed them and brought them to her house till I could come and take them to W. PA where they still could lose tail feathers but will free roam in a better farm like environment.

Since we were planning on leaving for home early this morning it was decided that I better take the peeps with me last night. Now the only problem with this idea is that our hotel has a security cop who was always staked out near the front door. I got dropped off at the door and noticed that Mr. Rent-a-cop was not in the lobby but many others were. My chance. I grabbed the box with the chirping chicks and a couple other bags and headed in. First I was met by a 20 something Down Syndrome Boy and his Mother. He wanted to talk-ugh. "Please don't peep, shhhh" Telepathically I was trying to calm my jostled chicks because I knew that if anyone could hear them he could.

Whew, I made it past him, past the front desk, pushed the button for the elevator and grabbed the first car that arrived. I got in and let out a huge sigh and then a quick "Oh, Damn" I had punched the 5th floor but I was now headed to the basement floor instead. Doors opened to reveal Rent-a-Cop extraordinaire. "Think fast Susan, Think fast" I am not one for small talk really but hey it had been raining for ever and I actually heard that someone was thinking about building an ark so why not talk rental boy up on the weather and do it rather loudly. He got off on the lobby floor and I was left to praise the Lord for that narrow escape. Shew!

This morning after laughing about filling the garbage can with soiled cedar chips and wondering just what the maids will think it hit us that in this age of Bird Flu fears perhaps this was not the best idea I have had this week. D'oh

Jenn called us not too long ago to let us know that there are now over 6 inches of water in her basement and the roof is still leaking. I hope she doesn't keep her shoes down there because someday something really important may happen to her and she might just want to show up with shoes on her feet.

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