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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Road Trips, Borrowed Tents and Jesus

I love road trips. I think that I might have always loved road trips but do to lightning burnout of endorphins or marijuana mayhem playing with my brain stratosphere I can't quite remember. I do know that I love road trips today. I like to create havoc when I go places. I like to challenge people, or cause them to think a bit- to somehow leave them a bit different then I found them. I attribute this to Baby Janes, my Girl Scout leader and true mentor before they were popular. Baby Janes was one to push and challenge and then hug you and praise you when you got it right. One of the most important lessons she ever impressed upon me was "if you borrow something , ALWAYS make sure you return it in better shape then when you got it" She was referring to tents we had borrowed that were filled with holes that we had to repair before we went camping and then check for more needed repairs before we returned them. I think she would be pleased to know that I have taken her lesson one step further and I believe that people should be treated with at least the same respect as those tents we borrowed. After all, am I not borrowing some of their time if I converse with them? Why not leave them improved somehow if it is within my power to do so?

My road trip to the Boston area for my daughter's graduation was filled with many memorable people.

We stopped Thursday evening at a Chili's for dinner. I found a wallet in the parking lot beside my car. I took it into the restaurant and looked through to check for id and such. There was a library card, gift cards and cash but nothing to give a real good id- nothing for us to really work with. Our waitress was very friendly and not very busy so she spent a great deal of our time there chatting with us and when I determined that she was trustworthy I handed her the wallet and asked if she could pass it on. She immediately jumped into action and had the girl located before we left. Our waitress was so touched by my honestly, and by my faith in her. Just a little thing- but she was different when we left.

Yesterday morning a handsome couple, perhaps in their late seventies got into the elevator with us. The gentleman, Rudy, I later found out,who looked just like the old neighbor in the Home Alone 2 movie said he would like to ask us a question. "Has anyone told you yet today that Jesus loves you?" At that moment all my angst over the late start and crappy weather melted away. I was changed with that one simple sentence.

This morning we were blessed to meet Rudy at the elevator. Once again he asked that simple question. I waited for my hubby to pick me and the luggage up at the door and Rudy's beautiful wife was there beside me. I told her just how touched I was with these chance meetings with her and her husband and how it had left me changed. Standing beside me was another woman who had listened in but could not fully understand. I turned and explained to her about my meeting with this precious couple and then asked her if anyone had told her today that Jesus Loves Her. She left smiling and no doubt changed.

We stopped at a Red Robin this afternoon for lunch. Before we left today I asked our waitress if anyone had told her yet today that " Jesus Loves you!" Amazing how three words can have the power to change a moment, change a face, change a life. Like borrowing something and returning it better then you found it.

And so let me ask you this question. Has anyone told you yet today that Jesus Loves You?

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