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Monday, April 10, 2006

Time to Unite

My blog brother Kilo has discovered a way that I can step up and show a bit of support for the military who are doing such an outstanding job, and against the media who attempts to run public opinion by spoon feeding us only the gruel they cook up. You can read his post here all about the group called Families United and you can sign their petition (here)

Families United for Our Troops and Their Mission is a not-for-profit 501(c)(4) organization. We are a grassroots coalition of Gold Star families, veterans, families with loved ones in harm's way, and Americans who share a deep appreciation for our men and women in uniform and support them in their efforts to make America safer by winning the War On Terror.

I believe that this article posted on the Families United website says it all:

Press Exaggerations Test American Will
Jim Garamone of American Forces Press Service wrote the following in an article on March 7, 2006:

"The will of the American people is the center of gravity for the war on terror, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said during a Pentagon news conference today.

Exaggerated reporting is giving the American people a false picture of what is happening in Iraq, the secretary said. 'Interestingly, all of the exaggerations seem to be on one side,' he said. 'It isn't as though there simply have been a series of random errors on both sides of isues. On the contrary, the steady stream of errors, all seem to be of a nature to inflame the situation and to give heart to the terrorists and to discourage those who hope for success in Iraq.'"

This is precisely why Families United came to be. Gold Star and Blue Star families and Iraq veterans who wanted to find a way to share the good news about what is taking place in Iraq and to let our Troops know that we stand beside them through to the successful completion of their mission. We are here to challenge the Main Stream Media to tell the good news to America and not to aid the enemy by giving the terrorists hope and testing the will of Americans to succeed!

If you are tired of such a one-sided war please consider that you can help change the way America views what takes place in Iraq, and other locations where our outstanding men and women are risking their lives to protect the freedoms we hold so dear. Here is another post from the Families United site that exemplifies my kind of hero.

Meaning byBen Stein
Meaning is doing for others. Meaning is risking your life for others. Meaning is putting your bodies and families' peace of mind on the line to defeat some of the most evil, sick killers the world has ever known. Meaning is leaving the comfort of home to fight to make sure that there still will be a home for your family and for your nation and for free men and women everywhere.

Look, soldiers and Marines and sailors and airmen and Coast Guardsmen, there are eight billion people in this world. The whole fate of this world turns on what you people, 1.4 million, more or less, do every day. The fate of mankind depends on what about 2/100 of one percent of the people in this world do every day -- and you are those people. And joining you is every policeman, fireman, and EMT in the country, also holding back the tide of chaos.

Do you know how important you are? Do you know how indispensable you are? Do you know how humbly grateful any of us who has a head on his shoulders is to you?

Do you know that if you never do another thing in your lives, you will always still be heroes? That we could live without Hollywood or Wall Street or the NFL, but we cannot live for a week without you?

We are on our knees to you and we bless and pray for you every moment.

Another of my blog buddies The Appalachianist is just getting ready to be deployed and I ask that you send up some extra big prayers on his account.

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