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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Save the Watches!

Well now, I am back into the swing of being rude to sells people on the phone while keeping the office running flawlessly and taking good care of my truck drivers. OK, so two out of three ain't bad as Meatloaf sings. Today was exceptionally busy as I weighed 100 trucks- not a record but it requires a whole lot of shoveling at the end of the day, and I had forgotten to put on my rubber boots. Truckers like to talk- nope, truckers love to talk and often they tell some real "save the watches" type stories.

I have one trucker who knew I would be working on Monday and he started the day out with handing me a package of donuts. My quizzical look got a response of "there will just be more of you to love", and now after donuts on Tuesday and a Krispy Kreme Cherry pie today I am thinking he might just be serious.

Another of my truckers is a reader of the Pittsburgh Tribune and so he brings it to me when he is finished each day. In yesterdays paper I found the following which I found really amusing.

First were birthday wishes for one Margaret Dittley, who turns 100 this Friday. Now that is an accomplishment but the cool thing is that Margaret began playing the piano at the Strand Theater during the silent movies just after finishing elementary school. Can you imagine the stories she would have to tell after 100 years. Happy Birthday Margaret!

The second was an obit for Guy Elisco, 92, who listed his address as both Penn Hills and a village in the hills of Italy, San Andrea, in Campania province. He was brought to Pittsburgh as a small boy. As a young man he returned to his birthplace to visit and was taken with the fig trees that dot the roadsides and meadows. He took a cutting of a fig tree on his family's old farm, packed it away and brought it to Western PA. He took that branch and stuck it into the ground and it took root. Every year Mr Elisco would have to dig up his fig tree because of the cold temperatures here, wrap it in a tarp and bury it till spring. Eventually friends and relatives wanted cuttings and they claim that conservatively there are hundreds and hundreds of fig trees from that one plant. How great is this???

I stopped at the grocery on the way home. As I wandered the isles I kept getting lapped by this older gentleman. Finally I stopped him and asked him just how far he was headed today. You see, he had no basket or buggy, just a cup of coffee and a determined look. It seems this man walks the store isles for 2 hours each day - gets his exercise ( he walks 5 ½ miles), knows where all the items are and gets to flirt with all the cucumber squeezing, cantolope sniffing, bread squishing women he wants. What a life I tell ya.

Oh and here is a tip for the day: If someone tells you that they will be back ( as one of my truckers did today) don't tell them that you will be waiting with baited breath. The next thing I knew he was calling me worm breath on the CB. Bad for my image I gotta tell ya. And just what the heck is meant by "I will wait with baited breath" anyway??? Life is what ya make it, so if you can't be rich at least be fun! Be Blessed today!

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