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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mellow Yellow for Safety Sake

I have a pair of bright yellow safety glasses. They were a freebee from a company who wanted us to get hooked on them and order cases upon cases of them- oh I got ear plugs too but I wanted ear protection like they wear at the airport not little gumdrops you roll up and stick in your ears.

They have no idea just how right these “safety” glasses were for me. Mind you, I do understand that they are to be used in hazardous conditions. I work with IDIOTS. That is just pretty darned dangerous.

I had a run in with the office Bubba today. He was whining to my hubby, the boss, 4 days after the fact, that the office Jen and I were making fun of his sexuality. Both office Jen and I know that there is not anything sexual happening there and therefore there is never any need for conversation about the Bubba. We were discussing something amongst ourselves in a different room when he walked into the conversation. I just want to go on record as stating that I will never intentionally insult anyone without MY knowing it. I want to have all the pleasure involved in upsetting you. I explained this to him today and listened to him try to lie his way out of it but the hubby was pretty darned specific in the words that we girls had used so- duh, how dumb do I really look.

Back to the safety glasses. I have been wearing them since. The yellow glass lights up my surroundings like I am standing in the bright sunshine. It also brings out definition in what I am seeing. Some people prefer rose- colored glasses but give me yellow ones cause they mellow me out and make me more safe to be around.

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