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Thursday, April 13, 2006

I was grabbing at straws-broom straws that is

My best line of the week came yesterday. I was having a very bad day which I will explain in a minute but first:

It was very windy at work yesterday and when one of the newer truck drivers who had not met me before came into the office to pick up his weigh ticket the door blew right out of his hand. He had to tug hard on it to close it. I laughed and looked him straight in the eye and said " Whew, good thing I drove my car to work today, imagine me riding my broom in this wind." The poor guy didn't know if he should laugh, believe me, or just let it slide. I about peed myself watching him trying to decide what to do.

Back to the badness. Each day of work for the last two weeks has been causing me not just mental anguish but gradually I have been getting more and more arthritic. Yesterday my joints all ached so badly that I wanted to cry, instead I called my Bro- in-laws office and begged for an appointment. They got me in and then the work began. I took samples of the dust in the office and the dust in yard and sure enough- I, me, the Whatever It Takes (W.I.T.) employee and wife of owner of the coal company is highly allergic to coal dust. How do you figure that one, and for me it mostly affects my joints and my breathing. I got treated ( my Bro-in-law is an allergy specialist and they now have the ability to reset your body and tell it that you are not allergic.) It took some time for this to work yesterday for me but I can tell you that today I am moving much more freely and do not hurt as much- of course it is also Thursday and I didnt have to go to work-maybe I should find a new use for that broom like cleaning up the office-nah, think of all that dust I would just kick up.

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