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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Chubby Bunnies

So Vern and I made it to Florida with little problem- tough driving straight through with only 2 drivers but we arrived only to discover that before we can start the finishing up work on our dock we had replumb the kitchen as the sink was leaking all over both the kitchen and bathroom floors. Trip to Lowes and we loaded up my Park Ave like it was a pickup truck with a sink base. 12 inch extender cabinet, sink, plumbing stuff and home we went to redo a kitchen that is up for sale. Sad, who ever buys this place will most likely tear down this lovely new kitchen without a second thought.

My family likes pre-easter time because they make marshmellow buunies and chics. I only like them very fresh- Vern likes them rock hard- I usually buy 2 packages-one to open and let go stale and one to enjoy immediately. He figured that he should brind some really stale ones to Fl for Jn who joined us for her spring break- nothing like working on springbreak- but then it is 80 plus here and sunny and 34 at her school- oh back to the story. Anyway, I brought down rock hard bunnies for Jn who would not eat them if they were shoved in her mouth. They are as fresh and squishy as the ones I bought Jn this morning- Florida humidity is an amazing thing.
Here is an interesting idea for those yummy bunnies and chics if you recieve them for Easter but dont really enjoy them- looky here.

By for now from sunny and really warm Florida- just wanted to rub that part in-hehe.

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