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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Screwed in and maybe even up.

No need to get your nose in a snit. I am back home in W. PA and now I have ready access to both a computer and the internet at the same time. We did mosey over to the local library in Fl and check emails etc- mostly we borrowed and then burned cds(shameful) and I actually had time at the beginning of our trip to read 2 library books. I had forgotten how much this heart loves libraries- and books.

Let me tell ya about books. Jenn and I ended up buying books for cheap almost everytime we left the house. I have a whole stack of good books bought dirt cheap but now that I am home I will probably be sewing instead of reading. Of course all of this will have to happen after the NCAA season wraps up and I know who cuts down the nets. Had no TV in FL and found myself Jonesin' for some sports. Dang but life is good here in this US of A. OK, no tv is actually a lie- we did get one station that skipped in and out- Tammy Faye Baker was corrupting some Peruvians and getting Jenn's undies in a knot. Jenn has a special love for the Peruvians so dont be messing with them- even if you do wear more makeup then a rodeo clown. I didn't watch tv after that.

The fishing was pretty good and we had fish for breakfast a couple mornings, and also for dinner- snook, croaker, yellow tail and catfish. Jenn would filet them and I would be cooking them while they were still wiggling.

Most of this trip was spent working, and then more working. We finally finished the dock after having it all wash away during the hurricanes. We were almost all done when hubby fell through a part we were not gonna fix-we thought he broke his arm but now I see that it was all a ploy to get me out there to work on the dock with him after all the company left us. Screwing 4 inch stainless steel screws into wolmanized wood is one of lifes greatest pleasures- not really, but it was a great sight to finish the dock. We will have to return one more time to fix the newly damaged part of the dock, and hubby's arm is not broken but is still very painful if he uses it. Jenn and her roomie spackled and painted walls. I painted the front of the house and garage and did some interior painting.
Hubby and My Dad also had to replace my kitchen sink. Now I finally have this really awesome little house in FL and with just a couple more weeks of work it would be near perfect and we have it up for sale. Geesh. And chances are good that whoever buys it would think my little jewel is a dump and tear it down. Ah well- one of the neighbors about 4 houses down pays over $5,000. per month on property taxes. I am not looking for that kinda bill to be sure.

I will miss views and of course the fishing but the town is now a city and is too busy for the likes of this country girl. I hear that there are lots of nice mountains and quiet hollows just waiting for me to visit.

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