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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I offer my services

A story is told of a little boy with a really big heart. His next door neighbor was an older gentleman whose wife had recently died. When the youngster saw the elderly man crying, he crawled up on his lap and simply sat there. Later, his mother asked the boy what he had said to their saddened neighbor. "Nothing, the boy replied. I just helped him cry." Sometimes that is the best thing we can do for people who are facing profound sorrow. Often, our attempts to say something wise and helpful are far less valuable then just sitting next to them, holding their hand and crying with them.

Many of us have been crying out through our blogs for the families and friends of the West Virginia coal miners who have died because of a mine explosion. I do find it a bit ironic though that a quick search for blogs on the 12 who parished Saturday evening on a US Blackhawk helicopter didn't pull up anyone offering solace to those families. I for one would like to be able to sit beside each of these people in W. Virginia and those who have lost their loved ones in this crash and just hold their hand and help them cry.

Sorrow is a very personal thing but it is always nice to know that others have walked that path and know the way out. The way is long and lonely but the path is wide and well traveled. I offer my services.

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