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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Yeah, Life is Good

Life is Good!!

Life is all about attitude and man it just keeps getting better and better. This morning the first words outta my mouth were " Hey, I bought a sink yesterday", not "good morning sweet cakes", or "shoot my head hurts again". Now while this means nothing to you it means worlds to me. I am waking up with Idaho on the brain. Sinks= Idaho you wonder. Absolutely cause we needed a sink for the apartment kitchen. I found one at Goodwill yesterday for just a bit more then a song ( you think maybe they heard me sing before?) When I saw that sink it was like "SCORE" Of course I am all about making the installers put this sink in my house and the way to small sink that is in my kitchen currently into the apt. cause I wash bigger pots etc. And face it we are back to that attitude thingy- if the cook aint happy aint nobody gonna be happy.

I was gonna write about how Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes is one of my biggest heros but when I reread the blog I wrote about my heros I realized that this must go into a separate blog. This is just one more thing that another one of my more verbose heros- the Ramblin' Southern Gentlemanly one who like to photograph his feet and eat at Wafflehouse and I have in common- he likes Calvin too. All this to sa
y that Calvin is back and so life is good once again. I so appreciate Bill Watterson and not just for his view on the world but also for his willingness to stand up for what he believes in. If he couldnt produce the world that was in his head as he saw it then no one would be able to see it. He just took his pencil and paper and went home- just like that, but the contract that he was under is now dead and Calvin Lives.

I gave 4 cats baths today. 3 kittens who arrived with fleas and one full grown, grumpy old man cat who can't be bothered with bathing himself anymore. I didnt take pictures cause well- drowned rat like cats are not appealing to anyone. Also I just didnt have enough hands to balance wet furballs and a camera. I figured I would have great battle wounds to photograph for you but that did not happen either. Could it be attitude again? I just talked to these cats reminding them that I was in control and they were taking a bath no matter what. Didn't even get a grrrr or a hiss outta them. I even used a blow dryer on each kitten to warm it up and dry it out a bit. I used Dawn dish soap and apple cider vinegar. I figured one of them should be useful in killing fleas and if not they would have rainwater soft hair.

I wake up each morning and ask God to use me where He needs me and suddenly I am off into the next adventure. Whoo, God can sure put me in some interesting situations and being used by God- could there be any better validation to your life then that- ok I must agree hugs are still the ultimate validation but then don't they ultimately come from the Creator of Love anyway?

May the Lord wake you tomorrow with a big hug and put a smile on your face and send you out on an adventure even bigger then Calvin could imagine. Be Blessed!

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