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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Wanted: Cook for busy hunting camp

This lovely table was found for sale on Ebay. It is being sold by a man, see if you can figure out how I know that.

At my house we are now over the whirlwind visit by the daughter. Love when she drifts in to share her thoughts on life and intoxicates us with her steller stories (Yes, Ed, Steller has been of word of choice by Jn for atleast a year now, and she does use it appropriately if not frequently but then when you are 21 and out on your own most things in life end up being pretty darned steller). She loved the kitties which all have names now thanks to her. You would think with 3 muses running around I would have great things to write about but alas..... oh on to the names.

Caliope (Cali for short) the muse of epic poetry
Erato- the muse of love poetry and mimicry
Thalia- muse of comedy and playful and idillic poetry

I once had a teacher who had three poodles- now I will never understand why God invented poodles as they only look good as road pizza but....I digest err, I mean I digress. She named her three sad attempts at dogdom: Darn It, Damn It and FI. We did think about that for the kittens but I would inevitably be losing them and then sound like a raving manic as I am running through the streets calling out their names.

Now I am trying to figure out:
#1 if I dare to take all 3 to Idaho,
B- How does one travel with 3 kitties safely,
@- Can we stand 50 hours with a litter box
Lastly- will I regret taking them

I knew this kittie thing was not gonna be a good thing but oh how I am loving my kittens!!!!

We are now doing the countdown for our Idaho hunting trip. We will be leaving here on Oct. 5th. We are hoping to have the trailer loaded up this weekend. That would be a first. I will have a very full house in Idaho. I will be taking care of atleast 4 hunters at any one time and now I have heard that a daughter and grand daughter to one of Verns brothers will be flying in to spend the whole trip with us. So for pretty much the entirety of this trip that was once looking like a vaction for me I will be taking care of up to 9 people for dinner each night and most of them will be around for breakfast and lunch also. (Ok, I do know that the math looks wrong but one of our friends will be hanging out at the house as often as he can and he has a son and a beagle named Molly) As my steller daughter would say "DAMN"

We have a standard rule at this house which states that when packing for a trip my sewing machine and supplies are always packed first and then the guys stuff goes in- guns, hunting clothes, tools, and then if there is any room left over I can fill it up with my clothes and anything else I am wanting to take out. Sadly, I am now beginning to wonder if I will even have time to sew, much less find those solitary moments that we writers of the soul need to nourish the upsprouts of words that ever so gently poke through the soil of the soul Thankfully I have an outhouse- will be a bit nippy but who in their right mind would think to even look for me to be hiding in there to escape.

Life will be busy to the max from here on in till departure time. I have a quilt to finish up today and tomorrow. My shipment of 60 pounds of specialty fabric will arrive tomorrow and then I must create about 30 covers- we call them bags- that go on the paddles- for the thickener in the wash plant. This is a big job with many steps all done by just one person- ME. This is why they pay me the really big bucks to go along with my self claimed job title of WIT- whatever-it-takes. Perhaps I will do a photo essay on the process- I will remember to wear clothes unlike the table seller. Perhaps he is just one of those Nekked Bloggers, but ewwwwwww. I am not buying anything from him.

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