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Thursday, September 29, 2005

sushi anyone?

Woke up this morning with a full list of things to accomplish.
Writing this blog today was not on the list. Does this make me an over acheiver-nope, more like a procrastinator. Atleast it is one of those really big words with lots of letters not like, dork or doof.

The roll of fabric magically appeared last night. It is 20 yards of wonderous plastic " I will rip the skin right off your knuckles and kill your sewing machine for ever" fabric and I am supposed to do this presto chango thing in a matter of ... well lets just say yesterday would have been too late. I cleared a path in the basement so that I can roll the stuff out and begin drawing out the pattern pieces.

Then I moved on to the big job for the day. Tomorrow is garbage day around here so today is the last day I can clena out the chest freezer in the basement. I called out the ice cutter and we got serious about this miserable job. I was ruthless in the pitching cause I am holding out for the thoughts of bringing home lots of new meat: elk, deer and bear. I dug down to the bottom of this huge freezer only to discover that it is a wierd experience to have half your body head first leaning into a freezer while the other half is relatively warm. Worse then that I realized that there was this blood colored liquidy stuff all over the bottom of the thing. Not frozen liquidy stuff either, and the bottom layer of meat was squishy. I even had a half thawed out turkey- anyone for an early thanksgiving dinner?? No me either. As my daughter would say "DAMN" I am thinking I might just have to steal this word from her and make it my own.

I really should not complain as hubby informed me that this freezer is about 43 years old. Dang, I am 45 and my bottom is not a sturdy as it once was either- pretty darned rusty too. We will have to pull this freezer out and give it a proper burial and buy a new one. Sure hope hubby doesnt get any ideas. Im pretty sure he prefers me thawed out anyway ; )

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