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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Here Kitty Kitty

KITTENS by Robert Service

A ray of sun strayed softly round,
For something to caress,
Until a resting place it found
Of joy and thankfulness;
'Twas Minette, our Angora cat,
With deep contented purr,
Relaxed in rapture on a mat,
Three kittens nuzzling her.

With tenderness the sunbeam kissed
her fur of silver-grey;
Her eyes held an ecstatic mist,
In boundless bliss she lay;
The sunny radiance seemed to hold
Her longer than it should,
As if it sought to shine in gold
Such mystic motherhood.

The darling kittens grew and grew;
Then one day Mother Cat,
Back from their gambolling withdrew,
And glared at them and - spat.
Aye, though they toddled after her
With playful stratagem,
Instead of soft maternal purr
She snarled and clawed at them.

And now she goes her callous way
And never gives them heed;
You barely would believe that they
Were children of her breed.
Upon the roof we see her creep
And howl with fiendish tone,
While on the hearth-rug softly sleep
Three kittens on their own.

And such is nature's way, it seems,
And maybe right at that;
So Mother, drop your foolish dreams
And emulate the Cat.
And when your offspring well are grown,
And strong and swift and tall,
Just turn them out upon their own
And let them fight - or fall.

aka: the Muse of Epic Poetry
called Kali ( Cal ee) for short

And so it is, another day another find. This time we found two kittens and actually
think that there is at least one more wandering around the office site looking for
Mom cause she carries food and warmth and safety. As my charming daughter
would say
"DAMN". Now what do we do with with 3 kittens when I really didn’t want any at all but fell in love with the one who guards my mouse and cleans the dust bunnies from under the furniture for me?

We did look for the third kitty just before we left and I saw weeds move and heard something move a piece of tin. We snuck over to the area I thought I saw moving and the weeds moved again and then a head popped out- beady little eyes staring up at hubby and me- couldn’t have been more then 2 feet away-I told hubby he was on his own for this capture cause there sat a ground hog looking at us like we were very bad people who needed a whipping. It was time to leave and so being semi intelligent people- not smart cause we were going home with two tiny kittens we didn’t want-we left, laughing all the way to the car.

So anybody want a kitten???

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