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Friday, September 16, 2005

Turned down but still outta tune

The music has been downsized to more appropriate wave lengths- the dishes say thanks. I can't say that I discovered the actually emotions plaguing me, they remain like mice skittering across the kitchen floor- you think you see them but you were not really certain.

I have a friend named Bertie. Bertie is perhaps the most powerful prayer warrior I know. She is totally devoted to prayer. Monday she was having a very normal day, sent her kids and hubby off to school and work and no doubt Bertie got busy praying for the day and all the requests before her. She received a call late that afternoon that her son Shawn had collapsed during a soccer game and they had to intubate him right there on the field. Shawn never regained consciousness and died later that night. He had just turned 18. Shawn was a totally sold out child of God and never doubted where his strength came from. No doubt when he heard the Lord call his name on that soccer field he recognized it and followed as he had for so many years.

I find myself wondering why when a person dies we say "rest in peace". If they have a relationship with Jesus then they are totally at peace- at peace with no pain and no suffering. Shouldn't we be praying that those left behind can "rest in peace"? Sleep comes only after hours of tears, sometimes days of tears. Peace never does seem to come to some.

For my dear friend Bertie I prayer that she will "rest in peace". We are only on earth for a season and some seasons are cut way too short by our earthly clocks but God is the Lord over All and that includes the seasons, our seasons and our clocks. But when our clock chimes that last time on earth we will be placed in that last season of our lives- eternity. I know where Shawn is and he is all smiles today. I know where my friend Bertie will be at the end of her earthly season and I am hoping that I have a house on the same block as hers!
Be Blessed Dear Ones! You are appreciated.

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