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Monday, December 13, 2010

Its Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

The weather in SWVA has not been very helpful for my moving into my new home. It is difficult to keep a positive attitude when I watch the weather maps and realize I am currently paying to heat two houses. I am waiting for the underpinning to be put up and then we can turn the water on. At that point we can build the walkway and porch to the front door. With no walkway and all the rain we have had I am walking on wobbly slippery boards to get to the door.

I visit as often as I can and take another load of small stuff. It is supposed to get really cold this coming week and if we can skip the snow I should be able to get Maxine, my long arm quilting machine, into the house and if its not too cold for my movers maybe I can get some of my other bigger furniture in.

Here is a look into my new home.


March2010 001


When you first walk in and look left you see my living room with this wonderful fireplace. They will be installing gas logs at the end of the month. I can’t wait.


March2010 006 

This is the view of my kitchen area from the front door.


March2010 002


I love my kitchen so very much and I love how open it is to the dining area and the living room. I believe the kitchen is the heart of a home and my heart is wide open.


March2010 003

From the kitchen area to my dining area. The door in the back leads to my laundry room and the back door. The 3 windows overlook a really great back yard. One day I will have a nice big deck out there. Please ignore the buckets and stuff in the forefront. That is my pile of painting supplies.  Down the hallway to the right is the second bathroom, a guest bedroom with a huge walk-in closet and the door that leads into the bedroom which I turned into my sewing studio.

March2010 018

This is the view from back near the fireplace to the back of my studio area. I had to have the wall between the bedroom and the study removed and since it was a weight baring wall I suggested that they replicate the archway near the front door. It was a wonderful solution. Maxine will have to stick through the archway from the back room about a foot into the study area. I am planning on getting a couple wall dividers to block the view off for those wildly creative times when its a mess. I am thinking that the ones that have picture frames on them will be a great way to display some of my great photos.

March2010 004

and another view of my studio.  There is a place in the carpet that will need a threshold for now as that is where they took out the wall. Eventually I hope to have Pergo or hardwood flooring in both of these rooms but that is for another time. For now I just want to get moved in and get Maxine cranked up.

March2010 007

My master bedroom is behind the wall with the fireplace. This is the hallway to the bathroom. To the left in the middle is an area with built in cupboards surrounding a window with a settee under it. To the right is a very large walk in closet which was just painted a great yellow color- one of those colors that will smack you in the face and say Good Morning and Have a very sunny day! I love it. You can see my big tub at the end. There are two sinks in this room, one to the left and one to the right and then a second room there with a great shower and the toilet.


I am very blessed to have such an amazing home. It measures 68 X 32, or  2176 sq foot and all on one floor. One of these days soon I will be moved in and I will begin working on my next big wonderful dream since this one is coming true.

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