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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Things I have learned I love

I have been on a mission during the past couple of years to learn who I am and what it is I love. I wanted to write a post for my birthday about 50 things I love about myself but that became difficult past about 10 so I gave up that idea. Instead I offer up a list of 50 things that I love in a totally random as they pop into my head and fill in the blanks sorta way.

1. Chocolate Gravy- nothing tastes better with fried pork and hot biscuits, or on my finger, or licked off the spoon or draped over pecan pie. Recipe available on request.

2. College basketball- tis the season and I am loving it.

3. NASCAR- fast shiny cars- whats not to love there?

4. Pittsburgh Steelers- fan for life

5. Toyota 4 Runners- I got one and I love, love, love it.

6. Fried Green Tomatoes- when done right there is just not much better.

7. Fried Okra- yep I am becoming a hillbilly girl.

8. Hardees- they have become my favorite fast food restaurant- Sonic might have the greatest drink offerings but Hardees burgers are amazing for the price.

9. My Name is Earl. At 5 pm life stops and I am glued to a tv show. I spend the next 30 minutes laughing outloud and then fussing that I can't get my next Earl and Randy fix until Midnight.

10. Madhouse- a great racing show taking place at North Carolina's legendary Bowman Gray Stadium. Small time racers, big time soap opera.

11. Yuengling Black and Tan beer. Goes great with a Hardees 1/3 pounder with sweet pickles.

12. Pilot G-2 pens- these pens rock for journaling - so smooth, great colors and a great price too.

13. Yoplait Yoplus yogurt- Blackberry Pomegranate and Honey Vanilla are my favs!

14. The Barter Theater- a theatrical treasure found in Abingdon Va. Can't wait to become a season ticket holder.

15. Tator Tots- so good for the soul.

16. Perhaps the best website ever- The Pioneer Woman- great place for recipes and lessons on photoshopping.

17. Zuma's Revenge- I can play this game for hours.

18. Backgammon- I have finally found someone who likes to play and play we do.

19. Texas Pete hot sauce!!!!!!!! Nothing better.

20. Tequila and Texas Pete- skip the salt and lime and try the Pete- Awesome Indeed!

21. Vlasic Zesty Bread and Butter Pickles- they go great with toasted peanut butter sandwiches!

22. Maxwell House French Roast coffee- much cheaper then coffee house but a good strong flavor that I enjoy.

23. Sock Monkeys- still love em, still make em.

24. Holding hands- even at 50 this one still goes straight to my heart everytime.

25. Being a Mother- I have had many roles in my life but this is the one that I am still most proud of. I have raised 2 children to be be strong: one was strong enough to show us all the way to Heaven, and the other is strong enough to set the world on fire if she chooses. My children have blessed my life, taught me many lessons and I love them with all my being.

That is enough for today. The other 25 tomorrow.

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