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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Karen McTavish Rocks

This past Saturday two of my longarming best friends and I went to A Touch of Thread Quilting Gallery in Zanesville Ohio for a longarm quilting class. Karen McTavish was teaching. We were excited. We were on a road trip together. Best of all when we got to our destination we would meet and learn from Karen McTavish. I got to meet Karen last year in Pittsburgh where she was showing off what a great machine the APQS is. Matter of fact, she was the one who convinced me that this was the machine for me. It never worked out for me to get my free class on how to use the machine so through her books I taught myself so it would be no stretch to say she is my mentor.


A Touch of Thread is a awesome place to hold a class, even if it is about 3 hours away for me and my buds. They have 5 Gammill machines set up. They are a great group to work with and we had lots of fun there. I have to admit that using the Gammill reminded my why I am so pleased with APQS., but I will definitely go back for more lessons when the right teacher comes along.

These are some of the Karen McTavish style feathers she was teaching us to do.


I got lots of ideas and learned some new things here. The biggest thing that I learned was that I am totally on the right track and that I just need to dive in and keep going. It is always nice to have that sort of conformation.


Me and my mentor Karen. Thank you Karen for directing me to my machine Maxine and for encouraging me onward through your books and now through your class. You Rock!

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