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Monday, June 30, 2008

Hearing the Call

I have creative Muses. They live with me and dance in my head. They poke me and prod me and encourage me to hear their voice, to recognize their song and to do. The doing.... that is where I often find myself getting lost. If I am finely tuned in then the rhythm of their melody captivates and I am suddenly lost in the creative efforts that they are calling forth.

The doing.... this is the part where I often find myself weighing out the pros and cons. Do I create that nekked me on a quilt? Will the effort of that project really be worth it? Which thing should I do first?

Funny thing about Muses calling forth creative efforts- very often they do not care how you create but only that you do create. Once again we are back to the doing..... in my case we know that I have many areas of creating that call to me. I am very passionate about my quilting and that has taken center stage in my life for now. At other times words were the fabric that I was so carefully measuring out and cutting and sewing together. Then there are just these moments of creative genius that seemingly arise from the depths of "where the heck did that come from" and I am off doing something new and different.

I have learned that there are times when my Muses are very quiet. For a couple of days that might be fine, even ok as I can get some of those things I have been neglecting done...... done- is that doing to completion? I think so! The quiet within my head allows me to stand back and focus on where I actually am at the moment and where my desires are taking me -sorta like get out the map and see where you are and where you want to be headed.

If my Muses are silent for too long I must find a way to tempt them back into singing. I have found that even without the encouragement of my chorus I must begin doing... yes, it is in the doing that the song works its way out and through. When my muses refuse to sing I grab my camera and start doing..... doing pictures.... doing and doing and God bless the one who created digital so that the not so good can be gone while the best can coax forth the creative muses and allow them to open up in song one more time.

And speaking of doing........ here is some of what I have been doing in the last two weeks and why words were put into a drawer for a bit.


This is a quilt I made for another one of my "kids". He has just gotten married and I made this for his wedding- alas the Muses prodded me onto another project before this one was quilted. I will get back to this very shortly and get it quilted but for now I am awaiting the right quilting designs to arrive.

The Muses were no longer content in my studio/sewing room. It was time to take it from the antiquated children's bedroom colored walls complete with hundreds ( no exaggeration) of  greasy dots  left behind from the galaxies of glow in the dark stars that circled the room and the sleepy heads that stayed there. So right there in the middle of quilting one wedding quilt and starting and completing one graduation quilt I painted my room.


It went from that to this. Also note the little stand on top of the hutch. I had to test out one of the mistints I bought at Lowe's so I painted the stand. Next painting project is to paint the hutch that is holding some of my fabric stash. I keep telling myself that the painting job must wait as I have an online photoshop class that I am taking and I am 3 lessons behind-grrrrr.


So after I did the room I went into hurry up mode so that I could get this quilt done for my stepsons girlfriends sons graduation. He was impressed with not only the effort put forth on his behalf but also with the quilt itself.



Shew, I must find a way to work faster, work harder, or just work on projects long before they are needed. I still have 2 wedding quilts that I am now in hurry up mode to finish for 1st year anniversary presents-geesh. Needless to say I will be very busy this summer doing.... and doing lots of doing...... Be blessed.  PS as always click on photos to embiggen if you are wanting more detail! PSS Hi Laura, thanks for hanging in there when the words are shoved behind other doings.....

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