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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day part two, or my part in Earth Day

It is Earth Day still and now that it is getting closer to the ending part of the day then the beginning part I can tell you what I have done to further the Good Mother Earth today. They say pictures are worth a thousand words but we both know I will not rest with just a photo but ....



So I bought Jolly Green Giant Earth Day tomato soup- hey did you know I  once got to see the jolly giant? Even peeked under his leafy skirt- honest. And yes he is truly green. I made a no bake cheese cake today- not really because of Earth Day but because I wanted cheese cake to go with strawberries so I wouldn't feel left out when the hubby ate his homemade apple pie. But I didn't use the oven for it. Oh and we are having leftovers for dinner so only the microwave tonight- mostly that is because I have leftover so why cook??? And the one that will please me the longest of all- I bought a new way to clean the earth that appears within my house- there is lots of earth that appears within my house trust me!

Honestly I would have to say that the best thing I have done for Earth Day is......

IMG_1171 Jenn

She is currently slogging though bogs and ponds taking water samples. This is on biologist who understands the human need vs the earths needs and she could be the next David Suzuki, approaching ideas and answers with wisdom and humor and always mindful of what small steps we can make that add up to big differences in the long run.

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