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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Its Spring




There are people out there who will post wonderful photos of flowers waking from the long winter months, grass greening etc. This is what I woke to. Just wanted to make half the country smile and realize that they have it real good out there.


Today is my daughter Jessica's "new" birthday. Not her actual I have come to earth to bring you great blessings birth but rather that I am leaving earth and going on to my new life in Heaven birth.  So, even when spring comes in cold and heartless there is always a warm spot here within my heart for I was blessed to take care of one of Heaven's angels for 9 1/2 years. The mark she left upon my heart will never be erased, even as I get one year farther from that last time I held her. I know that we are only writing pages to our story from different vantage points entirely for now but someday we will be together writing out more of this story of our lives together.

These were the words I read at her service:

My Dearest Jessica,

With your birth we began to write a book together. It was a story of our life and it's chapters, some short, others quite long, were always action packed and never dull. The pages are filled with bravery, joyous laughter, and never ending tears.

You have helped me learn about courage and hope, determination and Jesus' sweet peace.

You have taught me to pay attention; to listen carefully, to watch closely, to trust my instincts, to pray unceasingly, and to trust the Lord for each day and for each precious breath.

You have taught me unconditional love and that each person is bestowed with awesome gifts just waiting to be discovered.

You have taught me patience, sleep deprivation, intense joy, the frustration of not having all the answers, the thrill of conquering the latest crisis and the indescribable pride of being your mother and know I was blessed to tuck an angel into bed each evening.

And now, my sweet Jessica, as this chapter closes and I face writing the rest of my life without you, know that this book will never read " The End" because someday I will join you - you in your perfect body- and in Heaven there is no end~only the continuation of the angel story you began with me.

With Love,

Your Mother

Happy Birthday Baby!

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