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Thursday, March 06, 2008

First There Was Velcro

I try not to embarrass family members- pay backs can be hell- but this one is about Maxie Rose. Maxie is my cat and last time I checked she was not reading the Red Queens novellas or blogs or even my palms. She is pretty good at reading my mind though- seems to always know when its feeding time- even if its 5 am and I am sleeping- she stands on my chest until my mind is saying "get up and feed that damn cat".

The saddest part of this whole story is that I do not have photos. Those would be priceless. So this is an invitation for you to use your imagination. I will post a photo of Maxie- you get to do the rest.


Some time during the night Maxie went out for a midnight prowl. It was raining, it was raining a great deal and had been for hours if not months. Maxie did whatever her little heart desired while she was outside and then she came bounding up onto the bed and on top of me. Even sound asleep I knew that what was now dripping down on me was not  pleasant. I reached out to shove it clear across the room and discovered that this cat was not only shrunk down to the size of a mini Chihuahua but she was feeling more like a a porcupine then a dog-like cat.

Maxie Rose most certainly had thorns. I am not sure that her little heart desired that she crawl or prance or even just walk through the burr patch but she did and she carried home a great many reminders of her journey. I managed to disconnect her from me and my part of the bed so that she could wallow in her own mess and think about her escapades.

During the rest of those early morning hours she gravitated to many different areas of my house- this was easy to deduce based upon the piles of cat hair clinging to burrs that were now clinging to other things, the couch, my blankets, the carpet and a pile of socks without partners that was having a get together in my bedroom- I think they secretly hoped that romance would come into the room and sweep them back onto their feet. Maxie had also made her way into the bathroom. This is the part where I needed a camera. Apparently some of those socks without partners needed or wanted to get out of that lackluster place and find a new hangout. And hangout they did. They must have been stuck to Maxie. Clinging like velcro and not letting go for anything. No doubt the spooked Maxie took off on a tear- I was finding socks down the hallway and all the way into the bathroom. With any luck the socks will find partners soon and Maxie, she is dry and all brushed out- it only took two days.

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