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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The State of the E-Z- Duzit and Me

Different state- different photos

As seen on the way to Florida- right outside of a Cracker Barrel- they say it is not a joke but is a for real possiblity.

On the right side of the photo is the sink that I would stand at as the first mate and bait the fishing poles. In the middle of the deck is the fighting chair where many fish were fought and brought in for us to either save for dinner or set free to live another day. Now the E-Z Duzit is just fighting to live another day. How sad.

There is great irony here. My husband would fly down to Fl every hurricane to move the boat and protect it. This happened at the dock with just some rains.

Now we are fighting not just a sunk boat but October is the month of extremely high tides here and the winds are gusting up to 50 mph and pushing all the river water to our side. After working through one of hubby's idea which would have worked if the weather was not weathering some much we have somebody with a crane coming to help us today- maybe just in time as Noel is now a tropical storm and she could be headed this way- either way we are getting a whole lot of weather from her.

I have now been in 16 states in the past week- more if you throw in the state of disbelief or the state of disrepair. I am one tired puppy and all I want is to be in my sewing room sitting in front of my machine in a state of contentment knowing that I will be going to spend the weekend with some of my quilting buddies. That is not looking possible and so better add the state of disappointment to my list.

Ah well, I found some free internet and it could have been worse- me and my family could have been out deep sea fishing when this all happened- that woulda been a whole different state of affairs.

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