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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Almost the Perfect Sorta Day

Today just seemed like the perfect day to pull up my big girl panties and deal with life and so I did. When at the Dr. yesterday they reported that I am wicked dehydrated. They gave me a really powerful elixir that I am to put in my water- 15 drops per liter. It is supposed to wake up my cells and tell them that this water is wetter and better and I should want some of it and then I should want more. I am still swelled up like a Pillsbury Dough-Boy Biscuit but....

Being brave and better wetter hydrated I went to WalMart not once but twice. I had to buy a cart full of those awkward plastic bins so that made one trip. Then I went back in to by the important things like toilet paper- need I tell you how scary it becomes when you are at the end of the last roll and it is hay fever season- are there still tissues or did I just use up the last one. Then, since that was not challenging enough I ventured on to Sam's Club.

Did I miss the notice that says Wed. is take screaming whining children to Wally World? I have no patience for that, even on a good day but.... and yes, I have raised children, one child because especially gifted in math, I attribute that to my teaching her fractions at a very young age- ie. 1, 2 and 1/2, 2 and 3/4. Ok Mom was not so gifted with Math but I only ever got to 3 one time and she didn't get a cookie when I got there I promise you.

I came out of Sam's Club with the most awesome looking collection of mangoes. Beautiful colors of red and orange, smelling of tropics and sunshine and .....anyway, I unloaded the car to my kitchen floor. That in itself is a major chore today as I am making a new fashion statement by wearing not one but two knee braces. I am walking better but steps and ramps are still very difficult. I can choose which I will use. It seems I do better going up the ramp and discovered that it is not so bad if I walk down it backwards. When I got the car all unpacked I grabbed one of those mangoes and a paring knife and went out onto my most amazing porch and sat and let the wind gently tug at me, let the sun warm me and tried to remember how to properly eat a mango. Personally I think that the proper way is to share it with a friend so you can both laugh and slurp and drip together. Mangoes are meant to be a total experience food. They have that color scheme that cries out- pay attention, then that smell- how do you describe the smell to someone who has never had one? I began slowly making cuts into this treat to figure out which way the seed was sitting- like that really registers with my brain anyway. Soon I am licking my fingers and then I just start digging in, one cut out and then another and .... there was this time in Honduras where Jenn and I were blessed with about 8 mangoes and a hotel room sink. It was a feast. We ate every last one of them and loved each more then the last one. This is just almost perfect which leads me to another perfect memory.

Recently while staying with my Mom, my sister came and took me out to lunch. We went to Applebees. They have the Perfect Margarita. Now, I have not been able to bear the smell of tequila for 20 some years now- long story from a different memory file that we will not be opening today. My sis talked me into this drink which she says it just about perfect. Comes out in a sexy adult like shaker- different then from my memory file I promise you. She is right- that is just about the perfect drink. I must admit that the second one was more perfect then the first one was- but when she passed hers over for me to finish- then I knew what perfection was- fortunately she had drank at least half of hers or I might have been remembering more vividly why it was I had not tolerated tequila for so many years.

So armed with my better and wetter then water water, slurpy sloppy mangoes and the fact that I do in fact wear big girl panties so I could choose to pull them up it has been a full day. Now I suppose I should end this post and actually go put those groceries away- wish I had one of them there perfect Margaritas to cap off this day! Maybe a Mango Margarita with some of my favorite friends would be the absolute perfectest drink every??? Especially if they share???

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